Fitbit Inc. is a business baseded in San Francisco, California. Started and also taken care of by James Park as well as Eric Friedman, the company is recognized for its items of the same name, which are task trackers, wireless-enabled wearable gadgets that gauge data such as the number of actions strolled, top quality of sleep and various other individual metrics. The firstly of these was the Fitbit Tracker.

On Could 7, 2015 FitBit announced it had applied for IPO with a NYSE listing. The IPO was applied for $100 million. The company’s trading symbol is “FIT”.

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Fitbit Tracker

The Fitbit Tracker utilizes a three-dimensional accelerometer, much like that in the Wii Remote, to notice user activity. The Tracker measures steps taken, and combines it with individual information to calculate distance strolled, calories burned, floors climbed up and also activity period and strength. It makes use of an OLED display screen to display this as well as other details such as the battery degree. It additionally measures sleep top quality by monitoring periods of uneasyness, just how long it takes the user to drop off to sleep and for how long they are actually asleep.

A wireless base terminal is consisted of to obtain data from the Tracker and demand its battery. When attached to a computer the base station will post information to the Fitbit internet site, where a number of attributes are offered: viewing a summary of physical exertion, establishing and tracking goals, keeping food and also task logs and also connecting with buddies. Usage of the web site is free.

The Fitbit Classic tracked only actions taken, distance took a trip, calories shed, task strength and also rest. It was created to be a little black as well as teal gadget that could possibly be clipped quietly into clothing as well as used 24/7.

At the TechCrunch50 during the ‘Mobile’ session on September 9, 2008, Fitbit obtained favorable reactions during its panel from experts like Rafe Needleman, Tim O’Reilly, as well as Evan Williams who cited its wearability, cost point, as well as absence of registration fees.

Fitbit Ultra

A new hardware upgrade was announced on October 3, 2011, called the Fitbit Ultra. The new features included:

  • an altimeter that gauges altitude gain in regards to floors, with one floor roughly equivalent to 10 feet.
  • a digital clock noticeable on the device’s display
  • a stop-watch that can be utilized to time activities
  • randomized ‘Chatter’ messages reveal when the Ultra is moved after resting still for some time, as well as there’s a custom-made field to compose in a personal ‘Greeting’.
  • new colors (plum or blue, rather than the original teal)

The Fitbit Ultra is powered by a little Lithium polymer battery.

Fitbit One

Announced on September 17, 2012, the Fitbit One is an upgrade to the Fitbit Ultra that utilizes a much more vibrant digital screen, has a different clip and also a different billing wire as well as wireless sync dongle. The Fitbit One and the Fitbit Zip were the firstly wireless task trackers to sync making use of Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth SMART technology. The cordless syncing is presently available on iOS and Android tools such as the apple iphone 4S as well as greater, iPad Third generation, iPod touch 5th generation, Samsung Galaxy Note II as well as higher, Samsung Galaxy S III and also higher, LG G2, HTC One, Moto X, and also Nexus 4 or greater. Fitbit One could tape-record a number of daily activities, consisting of but not restricted to, number of steps taken, distance travelled on foot, number of floors climbed up, calories melted, strongly energetic minutes, sleep efficiency, delicate movements throughout sleep, variety of wake-ups during rest, etc.

Fitbit Zip

Announced on September 17, 2012, the Fitbit Zip is roughly the dimension of a quarter and also tracks just steps taken, range travelled, and also calories melted. Compared with the various other Fitbit trackers, the Zip is the very first Fitbit item to include a non reusable battery. It additionally has a lesser rate point compared to various other Fitbit trackers. Much like the Fitbit One, it is able to sync its information wirelessly to assisted mobile phones, such as the iPhone 4S as well as greater, iPad Third generation, iPod touch 5th generation, Samsung Galaxy Note II as well as higher, Samsung Galaxy S III as well as greater, LG G2, HTC One, Moto X, and also Nexus 4 or higher.

Fitbit Flex

In Could 2013, Fitbit released the Fitbit Flex, which is a tool that uses on the wrist. It tracks movement 24 hrs a day, including sleep patterns. It has an easy screen of 5 LED lights which show the variety of actions absorbed a day, and also it vibrates to indicate that your objective has actually been gotten to. The light bulbs additionally suggest battery degree. The Fitbit Flex has nearly all the same sync functions as the Fitbit One and also Zip. The Flex is also one of the most water-resistant tracker, it could be worn while bathing. The Fitbit Flex can not be put on while swimming. The Fitbit flex includes a specialized USB battery charger, the battery lasts 5-7 days, and also it takes 1-2 hrs to charge.

Fitbit Force

The Fitbit Pressure was revealed on October 10, 2013. It has an OLED display screen that reveals time as well as daily task. The Force tracks a variety of stats in real-time, consisting of actions taken, range traveled, calories burned, staircases climbed up and also energetic mins throughout the day. During the night, the Force tracks sleep and also could wake a user calmly with a vibrating alarm.

On January 13, 2014 it was reported that an unofficial variety of Fitbit customers which have acquired the Force have whined concerning skin irritability after wearing the Pressure for extensive durations of time. Fitbit explained on its web site that the firm spoken with clinical experts whose analyses are that these irritabilities are likely allergies to nickel, a part of the surgical-grade steel or the adhesives used to assemble the Fitbit Pressure. Fitbit, dealing with the Customer Security Security Payment, recalled the Fitbit Force on February 20, 2014. On March 12, 2014 the Customer Item Safety Payment (CPSC) made the recall official. At that time it was revealed that The Fitbit Force had actually triggered concerning 9,900 injuries. Its is no more available for sale on Fitbit’s website to buy.

Fitbit Charge

Announced in October 2014, the Fitbit Charge is a substitute for the Fitbit Force. It was launched in November 2014 for US$ 130 retail. Unlike the Pressure, Charge’s wrist band is a little different and also distinctive as well as can show caller ID details from a linked smartphone.

Fitbit Charge HR

Announced in October 2014 and also released in very early January 2015, the Cost Human Resources is the Cost plus a heart-rate monitor. With this enhancement the 7-day battery life is lowered to 5 days. The Cost HR has the very same textured band as the Charge and is available in black, purple, teal, as well as orange. The Fee HR band hold resembles that of a typical watch as opposed to the snap-on band the initial Cost has.

Fitbit Surge

Announced in October 2014, the Surge is much more like a smart-watch than an activity tracker as well as gone for the physical fitness market. The Surge includes a heart-rate screen and the capability to track pace, range, and elevation utilizing the GPS on the device.

Fitbit Aria

In April 2012, Fitbit launched a ‘Wi-Fi wise scale’ called the Fitbit Aria. It realizes individuals who are putting on Fitbit trackers as well as steps weight, physical body mass index (BMI) as well as percentage of physical body fat of the user. It can take note of 8 individual users and also updates information to instantly via Wi-Fi network. The info is additionally updated to the mobile apps.

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Fitbit Mobile Apps

In October 2011, merely a few weeks after the launch of the Fitbit Ultra, Fitbit introduced a native app for the apple iphone. In March 2012 Fitbit released a native application for Android. Individuals can log their food, activities, water intake and weight, as well as track their fitness goals throughout the day even while offline. Originally the iOS and also Android apps could only get information from the user’s Fitbit account, as opposed to linking directly to the fitness tracker, but in September 2012 the Fitbit One as well as Zip were revealed with Bluetooth support for syncing straight with phones. When the One and also Zip were launched, only more recent iOS gadgets were supported, but in February 2013, Fitbit launched an update that would allow wireless syncing from Fitbit One and also Zip devices to the Samsung Galaxy S III as well as Galaxy Note II. An upgrade in May 2013 added support for the Galaxy S4, and also on January 6, 2014, Fitbit announced an update to the Android application adding support for a lot more devices consisting of the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Moto X, HTC One, as well as LG G2. On July 28, 2014, the main Windows Phone app was released.

Fitbit website

Fitbit provides a totally free website that can be utilized with or without the Fitbit Tracker. Users have the ability to log their food, activities, weight, blood tension, heart rate, as well as glucose degrees to track gradually. Users also have the ability to establish everyday and once a week goals on their own for actions, calories shed and also eaten, and distance walked.

App gallery

Fitbit. com dash likewise has the capacity for users to link alreadying existing applications from various other suppliers such as Loseit, Myfitnesspal, and many others to have advancing data collection in one area for a more complete individual wellness report.

Food plan

Fitbit allows individuals to set a food plan for themselves on the web site or the mobile application based upon a weight objective. The food plan tool has four various intensity settings individuals can select from, and gives a range of calorie consumption to pursue daily. This number updates dynamically with any type of tasks browsed through the Fitbit website or synced with the Fitbit Tracker. It also offers a predicted date for reaching the weight goal which updates as the user logs their weight.


On August 9, 2011, Fitbit launched badges for various action and also distance milestones. Step badges could possibly be made based on the number of steps a user absorbed a solitary day, while life time distance badges provided individuals a badge based on how significantly distance they’ve logged given that they began utilizing the Fitbit Tracker. With the launch of Fitbit Ultra, they releaseded brand-new Ultra-only badges that could be gained for floor climbing, and introduced new step and range badges that anyone might earn.

Badges availables in 5 groups that are:

Daily Steps

  • 5,000 steps: Boat Shoe
  • 10,000 steps: Sneakers
  • 15,000 steps: Urban Boot
  • 20,000 steps: High Tops
  • 25,000 steps: Classics
  • 30,000 steps: Trail Shoe
  • 35,000 steps: Hiking Boot
  • 40,000 steps: Cleats
  • 45,000 steps: Snow Boots
  • 50,000 steps: Cowboy Boots
  • 55,000 steps: Platform Shoe
  • 60,000 steps: Blue Suede Shoes
  • 65,000 steps: Ruby Slippers
  • 70,000 steps: Spring Loaders
  • 75,000 steps: Genie Shoes
  • 80,000 steps: Futuristic Kicks
  • 90,000 steps: Rocket Boot
  • 100,000 actions: Olympian Sandals

Daily Climb

  • 10 Floors: Happy Hill
  • 25 Floors: Redwood Forest
  • 50 Floors: Lighthouse
  • 75 Floors: Ferris Wheel
  • 100 Floors: Skyscraper
  • 125 Floors: Rollercoaster
  • 150 Floors: Stadium
  • 175 Floors: Bridge
  • 200 Floors: Castle
  • 300 Floors: Waterfall
  • 400 Floors: Canyon
  • 500 Floors: Volcano
  • 600 Floors: Mountain
  • 700 Floors: Rainbow

Lifetime Climb

  • 500 Floors: Helicopter
  • 1,000 Floors: Skydiver
  • 2,000 Floors: Hot Air Balloon
  • 4,000 Floors: 747
  • 8,000 Floors: Cloud
  • 14,000 Floors: Spaceship
  • 20,000 Floors: Shooting Star
  • 28,000 Floors: Astronaut
  • 35,000 Floors: Satellite

Lifetime Distance

  • 26 mi (42 km): Marathon
  • 70 mi (112 km): Penguin March
  • 250 mi (402 km): Greater london Underground
  • 500 mi (804 km): Serengeti
  • 736 mi (1,184 km): Italy
  • 990 mi (1,593 km): New Zealand
  • 1600 mi (2,574 km): Fantastic Barrier Reef
  • 1869 mi (3,007 km): Japan
  • 1997 mi (3,213 km): India
  • 2500 mi (4,023 km): Monarch Migration
  • 2983 mi (4,802 km): Sahara
  • 4132 mi (6,650 km): Nile
  • 5000 mi (8,046 km): Africa
  • 5500 mi (8,851 km): Great Wall
  • 5772 mi (9,289 km): Russian Railway
  • 7900 mi (12,713 km): Earth
  • 12430 mi (20,004 km): Pole to Pole

Weight Goals

Displaying ‘Weight reduction objective encountered X time(s): Hooray!’ for:

  • 5 lb Loss
  • 10 lb Loss
  • 15 lb Loss
  • 20 lb Loss
  • 25 lb Loss
  • 30 lb Loss
  • 35 lb Loss
  • 40 lb Loss

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Fitbit has victoried numerous honors, consisting of runner-up at TechCrunch50 in 2008 as well as CES 2009 Development guest of honor and finest in the Health and wellness and also Health category.

Privacy concerns

Starting in June 2011, Fitbit was criticized for its website’s default activity discussing setups, makinged users’ manually went into physical activities offered for public watching. All users had the choice to make their exercise details personal, but some individuals were unaware that the details was public by default. One certain problem which innovation blog sites made enjoyable of was that some users were including information about their sex lives in their daily workout logs, and also this info was by default openly readily available. Fitbit reacted to criticism by making all such information exclusive by default and also asking for that search engines remove indexed user profile web pages from their databases. Fitbit tools have actually been made use of in criminal investigations, in one circumstances making use of GPS tracking to void proof in a rape trial.

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Fitbit and Fitbug Legal Fight

In Could 2011 a European Union trademark was applied for Fitbit. The standing is in the category Computer system, Software, Electric and Scientific Products. Fitbug Holdings PLC, the Greater london Stock market AIM market (Choice Effort Market) priced quote provider of on-line personal health and also health solutions, proceed their allures in the Uk (United Kingdom trade mark legislation) as well as European Union (Workplace for Harmonization in the Internal Market) to attempt as well as terminate Fitbit’s European Union hallmark as well as shield their trademark in the United Kingdom.

Fitbug Holdings PLC, filed a legal action versus San Francisco-based Fitbit that alleges trademark infringement and unjust company practices, which Fitbug cases has actually triggered it irreparable injury and damage. A stop as well as desist letter had actually been sent to Fitbit, and an official lawsuit submitted on March 29, 2013.

Fitbug asked for the Usa Area Court for the Northern Area of California to get Fitbit to permanently cease use of its Fitbit mark as well as from participating in conduct that is triggering complication with Fitbug’s brand name as well as solutions. Summary judgment was made in January 2015 in favour of Fitbit due to an unreasonable delay ‘Defence of Laches (equity)’ by Fitbug in bringing the case. Fitbug said they remained in discussion with their consultants following the judgment. Fitbug Holdings Plc, submitted a charm, in February 2015, of the decision by the US District Court for the Northern Area of California concerning its trademark dispute versus Fitbit Inc.

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