Seniors will certainly bear in mind some “old wives remedies” that were used by older individuals for which the medicine has not found an ideal reliable replacement till this day.

Old wives were not ‘oblivious’ or had lack of clinical understanding – the individuals handed down just what they knew from generation to generation. There were special people in the village, ones that dealt with tonsils, others inability to conceive, 3rd abscess therefore on.

Here are some that we remember – create us if you could think about others.

TONSILS – Kid birthed in 60s and also 70s hardly ever obtained injections for swollen tonsils -old partners’ techniques were basic. The pointing finger was disinfected, a little alcohol and also sugar was poured on the finger-then the finger was positioned in the child’s mouth as well as both of the tonsils were literally pushed-in this means they extruded the pus instantly, and also the inflammation from the tonsils finished in seconds.

The only threat was the bite mark from the child.

However, discover somebody who has experience as well as that knows ways to do this.


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This method is straightforward. For this therapy you must lay on the tummy. Tiny glass mugs are taken as well as small cotton is flamed. The cotton is poured into the glass and after that placed on your back -it is a wonder since this does not melt the skin and also draws it as vacuum cleaner – they state that after simply one therapy the discomfort vanishes. This method is additionally made use of for colds.


Old partners rubbed the damaged area with ashes or dirt- they likewise used basil.

Rub the afflicted location in order to extract the poison from the sting or various other insect bites.


Massage the hand between your thumb and directing finger. If you have irritated tonsils, a round component will show up – it needs to be pressed. If you have an infection, this would be extremely excruciating and also virtually excruciating. If a sphere part does not show up or you do not feel pain, you do not have actually infected tonsils.

TEMPERATURE – Place socks soaked in vinegar, this aids in minimizing temperature.

SORE THROAT-There are numerous dishes – wrap leek and grease around the throat, heated grease and pepper or garlic as well as warmed brandy.

STUFFY NOSE-If you do not want your stale nose to wake you up in the evening, place cut garlic and onions near where you sleep.

SWELLING-One cabbage leaf right away relaxes the swelling. Against bumps, put eaten bread straight on the damaged area as well as press it with your hands or with the metal part of a knife.

WARTS– Old partners massaged the affected location with fig fallen leave – when you tear the fig leaf it emits a white liquid -you scrub with this liquid. This fluid is likewise utilized for ear pain. Drop one to two drops.

HAIR LOSS – Use white garlic. Rub the afflicted location as well as only after one week your hair will certainly start to grow.

COUGH– Basil tea

HEADACHE-Put a potato on your head

TOOTHACHE – Place smashed garlic and also salt on the affected tooth.

DIARRHEA – Peel an apple, chop it right into pieces as well as prepare it on vapor up until it softens. Eat one apple a day.

DIZZINESS – Eat a bowl of rice.

HOARSE VOICE – Gargle with salty water, or chamomile or parsley tea. Consuming raw egg is likewise one of the old better halves’ recipes.

BAD BREATH – Chew fresh parsley leaf.

STOMACH ACID – Consume few grains of rice or swallow an olive seed.