What is a confused immune system? Probably let us be clear that human body immune system will malfunction when it is weak and the effects of a weak body immune system will certainly expose the human body to much more severe as well as dangerous contagious diseases such as serious acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), hepatitis, influenza, consumption, pneumonia, among others. Worst still, a weak body immune system has the threat to the onset of cancer.

Under regular circumstances and when our body immune system is healthy and balanced, our body immune cells assist us to keep an eye out for possible risk and also all set to exterminate any altered cell that has the possible to become cancer cells, nevertheless, when the immune system is weak, it is unable to do so effectively to ruin in addition to avoid the spreading of cancer cells in the human body.

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What is a baffled immune system then?

It implies that our body rather than creating the antibodies in normal circumstances to defend us from the invasion of diseases, the body immune system has actually mistakenly interpreted harmless substances as well as handle them as if they were hazardous by producing antibodies. Therefore, allergies set in as well as these once-harmless substances transformed into allergens.

Because of this confusion between “non-self” and “self” cells, this has actually caused the body immune system to incorrectly eliminate the body’s own cells which could cause autoimmune diseases.

We should not take allergies lightly as it can cause serious problems or even fatality. For instance, the respiratory system allergies can create asthma– asthma is a problem of chronic inflammation of the lungs. Inning accordance with Bronchial asthma UK, a leading bronchial asthma charity in the UK, over 1,100 people in the UK pass away from bronchial asthma each year. Other symptoms of respiratory include sinusitis, a problem of swelling of the sinuses. Based upon the record, not much less compared to 30 million people in the UNITED STATE experienced sinusitis.

Autoimmune diseases are a cause for issue also. Since to date, greater than 80 sorts of autoimmune illness have been identified. Amongst them included, i) multiple sclerosis, which affects the nerves, ii) kind 1 diabetes, a persistent problem where the pancreas creates little or no insulin, iii) rheumatoid arthritis, which creates inflammation of the joints, and iv) others such as psoriasis, systemic lupus erythematosus and so on.

Again, to ensure our body immune system to operate as it supposed to, we must take notice of correct nutrition, which then will help enhance our body’s defense versus diseases.

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