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As Nike would state …’Just Do It!’

Have you ever took into consideration employing an on the internet individual instructor to help you achieve your physical fitness objectives?  

Remember all those times you thought to yourself, ‘I would certainly exercise much more if I didn’t need to do it alone’?  

Remember blowing off those workouts considering that you really did not have to be accountable? 

Remember just how dissuaded you felt when you could not discover the inspiration to obtain out the door?

Well, say goodbye to excuses! Assistance is on the means with your personal personal cyber-trainer!  

Meet Rebecca Attanasio, CPT:

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As founder and proprietor of e-Fit Solutions, Rebecca is a nationally accredited “Advanced” Personal Trainer.”  

She has been associated with the fitness industry for the last 10 years and has been an individual fitness instructor considering that 2005.  

Rebecca rests on the Advisory Board of Dine Wise, a national meals shipping firm, and also adds her competence to Ideal Nourishment, one more nationwide meals shipping firm. She writers fitness and also workout short articles for both business and is an in-house health and fitness and workout professional for

In enhancement to on the internet training, Rebecca concentrates on areas such as weight administration, weight reduction, strength training, athletic performance, physical body toning as well as sculpting, anti-cellulite programs, moms physical fitness training, as well as dietary counseling.

You could take a look at Rebecca’s site, solutions, as well as rates at 

Interview with Rebecca Attanasio, Online Personal Fitness instructor:

Could you describe your training and also background?

I am the founder/owner of e-FitSolutions. e-FitSolutions is a  personal training solution that offers In-Home and also Online Personal Training. I offer Online Personal Educating for a fraction of the price of training in person with me.

I’m a Country wide Licensed Advanced Personal Instructor, with years of encounter assisting others achieve their health and wellness goals. Physical fitness has been an enthusiasm of mine for years as well as I absolutely appreciate aiding others achieve all their fitness goals. 

What does an online personal trainer do?

An online instructor can educate a customer via the Web throughout the globe for a fraction of the expense of working in person with them.  

With e-FitSolutions every online client completes types and also gives me as significantly information as possible regarding their fitness and also weight management goals, offered health and fitness equipment, etc. As soon as I have the information I develop an individualized process just for that individual that they could access from their individual web page throughout the world. I offer simple to adhere to, tailored online programs. 

Based on your physical body type, fitness degree and individual objectives– I produce an on-line weight-loss plan merely for you. You’ll get a customized toughness and also cardio plan, consuming guidelines, everyday assistance & accountability as well as all my weight-loss/fat burning secrets! 

Who would certainly be a good prospect for online personal training?  Is age or size a factor?

Age or dimension is not a factor when it concerns on the internet training customers. Regardless of what your age or how significantly you have to lose … online training can aid you!  

People that do well with online training are any individual which could not afford an in person instructor. These people might have a health club membership yet not should invest the cash on a private fitness instructor at the health club. If they employ an on the internet trainer, which is a portion of the price, they can bring their tailored process with them to the gym and adhere to the guidelines as well as workout process their on-line fitness instructor produces for them. They then have accessibility to their fitness instructor via e-mail for any sort of as well as all concerns.  

Also, one more excellent prospect would certainly be any individual that prefer to work out in the house but requires the advice and also assistance from an instructor to create personalized programs for their individual house fitness equipment.  

Most on the internet customers are quite inspired to reach their goals, which is useful because an on-line trainer will not be standing over them and pushing them as an in person trainer would certainly be.

Online customers have to commit to their programs and the on the internet instructor maintains them determined everyday to reach their goals.

Can you explain the on the internet partnership you would have with your customers?  How would you communicate?

I am in touch with my clients daily by means of email. I send them day-to-day exercise tips and suggestions. I additionally request they send me their online meals and also workout journals daily. I assess their journals as well as email them my pointers for change so they continuously proceed. This additionally holds them liable to their process as well as me, and gives them a lot less possibility to blunder. I am always there for my clients by means of e-mail.  

I also offer an optional 30-minute phone assessment for any type of customer that feels they would benefit from speaking with me over the phone. This is optional given that each customer has his or her own needs.  

Every 4 weeks I create brand-new process for my customers. They get new stretch, strength, cardio as well as diet process every 4 weeks so they proceed to progress. 

Could you share one of your on the internet customers’ success stories?

My online members have actually had tremendous success. Please see the testimonial page of the e-FitSolutions site to read all the great success tales from my on-line members. 

What would you state to individuals which state they cannot manage an on the internet personal trainer?

Online training is really budget friendly. If you visit my Package deals as well as Rates page you could view the difference in price from conference with me personally as compared to online. 

But if cost is still an issue then I would certainly advise that the individual would obtain a health and fitness pal (husband, sibling, brother, good friend) anybody with the very same objectives in mind as well as collaborate to get to those objectives. This will certainly hold them liable to each other and they will certainly reach their objectives that a lot quicker.   

What top three suggestions would certainly you make to somebody which wished to enhance his/her total health and fitness level?

  • Set small achievable regular fitness goals. Once you get to those goals, benefit yourself as well as establish new goals.
  • Figure out your proper calorie consumption for your weight reduction objectives and your health and fitness degree and also stick to those calories daily. Crack your dishes right into 5-6 smaller meals (as opposed to 3 big meals). This keeps your metabolic process up, which then, helps you shed weight quicker.
  • MOVE! Workout in such a way that is fun for you. If you enjoy the beach, walk or work on the coastline. If you like being outdoors, stroll everyday. Beginning little and do just what you delight in. If you enjoy your exercise, you will certainly continue to get to all your weight-loss goals.

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