The Biggest Loser is an American competition fact reveal that debuted on NBC October 19, 2004. The show features overweight people contending to victory a prize money by losing the greatest percent of weight family member to their initial weight.

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Each season of The Biggest Loser starts with a weigh-in to identify the contestants’ beginning weights, which work as the standard for figuring out the general winner.

The participants are organized right into groups of 3, each putting on separate colored Tee shirts. Relying on the period a group may work with a particular trainer or all instructors might function with all candidates. The trainers are accountable (in conjunction with medical workers maintained by the show) for designing thorough exercise as well as nourishment plans and also teaching them to the participants. However, the candidates are individually in charge of executing the principles taught.

During an episode, different difficulties as well as lures (see below) are included. Those that win a particular obstacle are offered unique opportunities, such as a weight benefit for the following weigh-in or perhaps complete resistance from being elected off the show.

Each week winds up in another weigh-in to establish which team has actually lost one of the most weight for that week, in portion of overall weight shed. The team that has actually shed the least portion during that week (referred to as ‘falling listed below the yellow line’, which describes a line featured on a video screen showing the cutoff in between safety and security and also being at-risk) will certainly have one participant voted off (unless the group includes just one staying participant, in which case there is no vote). The vote is usually made by the other teams, though some episodes include one team making the decision alone. Some episodes showcase a 2nd, ‘red line’, if a candidate drops below the red line the entrant is instantly off the show without any ballot. Various other episodes enable the entrants, if efficiently meeting a goal at the weigh-in, to all receive resistance for the week.

When the variety of contestants has reduced to a determined smaller number (unidentified to the entrants), the groups are dissolved and the candidates compete one-on-one against each other.

The period finale showcases both the entrants staying on the program and also those sent residence early, the latter are brought back for the last show. Those sent home early compete for a smaller prize while those on the program compete for a bigger prize and the title of ‘The Greatest Loser’.

Episode format

Episodes are usually two hrs long. Some episodes have been broadcast in a minimized one-hour style to suit The Voice and the State of the Union address. Each episode includes some, however not all, of the complying with tasks (some contestants could not get involved in a task with bodily needs if placed on medical limitations):

  1. Temptation:
    Contestants prepare for the initial day of the week just to find a scenario that includes lure. The temptation often needs participants to wager by consuming or consuming tasty yet high-calorie foods in exchange for exactly what may seem to be a beneficial trade-off. The perks could or may not be understood to the entrants ahead of time. Examples include eating wonderful foods for a chance to call their loved ones, eating a huge slice of pie to victory an unidentified prize (which, in one episode, ended up being a stationary bicycle) or quiting time with trainer for a chance to win thousands of bucks. Contestants are given a set quantity of time before the deal passes.
  2. Reward Challenge:
    Contestants compete to victory a prize, initially as teams and then as people after the teams are liquefied. After the difficulty, viewers are shown the winning group enjoying their reward while the losing group accepts their loss. Prizes range from immunity- which is exemption from removal– to work out tools, telephone call home or weight rewards, which permit champions of an obstacle to have a higher weight management at the Weigh-In, or losers of a challenge to have a lesser weight loss at the Weigh-In (e.g. a 6 pound weight management would result in a 7 pound weight reduction if a participant were to win a ‘1 extra pound advantage’ whereas it would certainly lead to a 5 pound fat burning if an entrant were to win a ‘1 extra pound drawback’). If there is an asymmetrical variety of gamers on each group, after that the group(s) with more gamers must pick a specific or people who will certainly sit out till there is an equal variety of players on each team.
  3. Initial Workout:
    Contestants work out with the instructors. During this sector, the trainers will certainly usually speak to specific contestants, particularly those doing badly. Often specific underlying emotional issues are revealed at this time (such as a loss of a household member or a bodily calamity), which typically are the triggering events that brought about the weight gain in the very first place.
  4. Last Chance Workout:
    Last possibility workouts are often shown as arduous, final preparations for the weigh in. This is an actual examination of stamina and also fitness instructors press contestants to their limits.
  5. Weigh-In:
    Although, the program illustrates the weigh-in in a night setup, the real weight dimension occurs off-camera in a morning session and the contestants are not told of the results throughout this time. All contestants are weighed to figure out the amount they have shed family member to their complete physical body weight. During team-based competitors, the team that loses the highest percentage wins as well as the shedding group needs to send someone house. When the teams are liquefied and also the show ends up being a specific competitors, both contestants who lose the most affordable percent of weight are below the yellow line and are qualified for removal. A similar configuration to individual-based weigh-ins occurs when both initial teams are broken up into 4 groups of two or a trio of, as occurred in the 2nd and also fourth seasons. In season 10, the guidelines altered. The candidates are now anticipated to weigh in prior to challenges. The yellow line now increases up to fifty percent of the slots baseding upon the number of participants there are at the cattle ranch. The candidates that are listed below the yellow line deal with a removal obstacle prior to the vote. On top of that, the Biggest Loser of the week is permitted to save an individual below the yellow line from elimination. Some episodes have featured both a yellow line and also a red line, a contestant who drops below the red line is done away with outright from the competition without a vote of the other contestants.
  6. Elimination Challenge:
    Introduced in period nine, the removal obstacle was for the 2 people that were here the yellow line. In the only elimination obstacle of that period, the lengthiest one standing remained while the various other one went house. In period 10, the removal challenge was re-introduced. The amount of individuals that were below the yellow line participate in a difficulty to escape from the ballot. Both participants that are the least effective in the competitors faces the vote.
  7. The Vote:
    The last segment of the program happens in a restaurant that has fridges classified with each contestant’s name (energetic participants have their name lit up) and fulled of that contestant’s favorite tempting meals. Prior to the ballot, the participants dealing with elimination plead their instance regarding why they should continue to be on the Cattle ranch (numerous episodes feature participants making a ‘sacrificial’ request to be sent out home, normally a group agreeing regarding which member needs to remain as well as which one ought to go, or one participant feeling that they could act in the house while another needs the Cattle ranch readying to proceed his/her progression). The various other candidates are not called for to honor any demands to be sent residence, though typically such requests are honored. The candidates dealing with elimination come to the eating area first, the other candidates each bring a protected plate having the name of the individual they want to elect out. In the occasion of a connection, the participant or team which shed the least percentage of weight is gotten rid of, other than if both of the entrants or groups lost the least percent of weight. As individuals are elected out, the light bulb for their name is extinguished. After the vote, the removed entrant is shown in the house and discusses the progression they have actually made in their weight loss.
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Weight loss regimen: risks as well as criticism

According to, ‘medical professionals and also nutritional experts fret the show’s emphasis on affordable weight management is, at most effectively, detrimental and also, at worst, unsafe’. Entrants on the show lose upwards of 10 pounds weekly (in the quite initial week, some contestants have actually lost 20-30+ pounds during that one week alone), whereas the well-known medical guidelines for safe weight loss are between 1 and also 2 extra pounds per week. This is true despite the fact that that weight-loss rate originates from an assessment of the data source from the National Weight Control Registry, where members have actually shed a minimum of 30 pounds and also kept that weight reduction for a minimum of a year. So while researchers did locate a connection between that price, typically, with participants of the Windows registry, all this correlation can imply– if there is any sort of causal connection whatsoever (there is no control group)– is that it is much more likely, on average, for a person to be successful at losing a big quantity of weight, and also a lot more effective at keeping that weight reduction. There is no method of specifying whether this rate is a lot more healthy compared to any type of various other rate, just because (a) there is no contrast with other rate, as well as not also any kind of comparison between condition or mortality prices of members of this Registry and any type of various other arbitrary group.

Other health authors take it even additionally, suggesting that everything from the programs nutritional standards to workout regimens are entirely flawed.

At the end of every newscast, the adhering to disclaimer is revealed:

Despite this case of supervision, nonetheless, all candidates are called for to sign a waiver that states: ‘no guarantee, portrayal or guarantee has actually been made as to the credentials or qualifications of the doctor that analyze me or do any sort of procedures on me about my engagement in the series, or their capacity to detect medical problems that may influence my fitness to take part in the collection’.

The weight-loss regimen made use of in the show– severe caloric constraint combined with up to 6 hrs a day of strenuous exercise– entails threats consisting of a weakening of the heart muscle mass, irregular heartbeat and also risky reductions in potassium and also electrolytes. Candidates, no matter their weight, are called for to license that they believe they are ‘in superb physical, psychological, psychological as well as mental health’.

The Biggest Loser: 2nd Chances included a one-mile foot race in its first week, an occasion that brought about the hospitalization of 2 of its entrants, Rob Huizenga, the show’s clinical specialist, when asked regarding the foot race stated that ‘If we had it to do over, we wouldn’t [have done] it’ and noted that in feedback, the show’s manufacturers have ‘altered a great deal of the way [they] do points’ (including the close monitoring of contestants’ physical body temperatures during workout).

Because the show is a contest that entails removals from it, some participants are motivated to take threats that jeopardize their health. Ryan C. Benson, the victor of the program’s initially season, publicly confessed that ‘he went down a few of the weight by going on a fast and dehydrating himself to the point that he was peing blood’. Additionally considering that the show Benson has actually restored all his weight, but 10-12 lbs. In 2009, Kai Hibbard (runner-up from the third period) told The New York Times that ‘she as well as various other candidates would drink as little water as feasible in the 24-HOUR before a weigh-in’ and would ‘exercise in as much apparel as feasible’ when the electronic cameras were off. She even more specified that two weeks after the show ended, she had restored concerning 31 pounds, primarily from staying hydrated. In a June 2010 meeting, Hibbard said, ‘I do still battle [with an eating problem] I do. My partner says I’m still afraid of food… I’m still pretty ruined from the program.’

In a July 2011 interview with the Tv Doubters Group, comic as well as star Jerry Lewis was vital of the affordable nature of The Biggest Loser, claiming that the program has to do with participants ‘knocking their minds out aiming to see just how we defeated the fat girl at 375 extra pounds, and in four months she’s likelying to be 240. Which cares? It’s ridiculous.”



Seasons two and three of The Biggest Loser have actually been shot at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch. The 126-acre (0.51 km2) ranch is an equestrian estate in Simi Valley, California, northwest of Los Angeles. Recent periods have actually been shot at King Gillette Cattle ranch on Mulholland Motorway near Malibu Creek State Park.


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A spin-off of The Biggest Loser, The Biggest Loser: Unique Edition features a team of individuals contending versus another team, with each competition airing in 2 one-hour episodes. They invest 11 days on the cattle ranch collaborating with Bob as well as Jillian then return the home of continuously shed weight. The published teams included ‘household vs. family members’, where 2 households with dining establishments of different societies contended to reduce weight, ‘involved couple vs. engaged couple’, and also ‘Marines versus Navy’. Each episode included one of the mini-competitions from begin to finish.

Losing It with Jillian

Losing It with Jillian is a reality routine that debuted on NBC on June 1, 2010. Jillian Michaels aids chosen family members shed weight within one week. Consequently, the collection was temporary and also terminated after 7 episodes.



The complying with table consists of documents for the American version of The Biggest Loser. Only documents which were formally revealed on the program are included.

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