Ruby is an American reality-documentary tv series on Style. The series debuted on Nov 9, 2008 as well as adheres to the life of Ruby Gettinger which lives in Savannah, Georgia as she tries to lose weight.

On December 12, 2012, it was revealed that Style has handed down a fifth season order of the series and it has since been cancelled.

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Gettinger begins the program evaluating more than 550 pounds (she originally weighed over 750 pounds.) Ruby deals with nutritionists, medical professionals, and trainers to shed weight, all the while commenting truthfully and also often humorously concerning the encounter. The show additionally manages the everyday life issues a morbidly obese person could face, such as the trouble in making use of aircraft bathrooms.

The initial season showcased one one-hour episode as well as eight half-hour episodes. The second period featured the very same number of episodes as the first period, with mainly half-hour episodes, and also a few one hr episodes. The third season was the very first season to feature all one-hour episodes. Since May 2, 2010, the 3rd period showcased all hour-long episodes, minus the period ending, which was 2 hours, plus one unique, Ruby: My Australian Adventure. The 4th season featured all hour-long episodes, consisting of the pre-season special: Ruby: My Naked Truth. Currently, Ruby evaluates 363 lbs, having obtained 60 extra pounds. Ruby’s lowest weight on the program was recorded at 328 extra pounds. 4th season Ruby begins to deal with a bunch of unforeseen tension which creates her to gain over 40 extra pounds. The last upgrade on Ruby Gettinger of Savannah, Georgia Born January 24, 1968 in Azores, Portugal got 72 extra pounds after the unforeseen death of her older mentally challenged sibling John. She is still having a hard time in between 319-400 extra pounds and chooses not to lose hope. Since July 11, 2014 Ruby lost her yorkie Foxy. Updates on Ruby Gettinger

Episode list

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

  • The initial season to not showcase episodes much shorter compared to an hour

Season 4

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