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Updated 2-25-15: Allergic reaction professional Sharon Chinthrajah, MD, went over the study and its implications on KQED’s Discussion forum today:


2-24-15: Any kind of parent of children is most likely familiar with the cautions: It’s not all right to provide your child peanut butter, or any other peanut product, before he or she transforms one. Don’t do it! These guidelines are so imprinted on my mind that I practically did a double-take when I discovered headlines regarding brand-new research study suggesting that infants should, indeed, be fed peanut items – in order to protect against the advancement of peanut allergies.

This isn’t really the very first time that the benefits of providing allergenic foods to babies have been detailed, but the language surrounding this research has actually been especially solid. As the author of a New York Times blog access clarified, the authors of the research as well as coming with editorial ‘called the results ‘so compelling’ as well as the increase of peanut allergies ‘so alarming’ that guidelines for how you can feed babies at danger of peanut allergies must be revised soon.’ He took place to detail the study searchings for:

In the research, performed in London, babies 4 to 11 months old who were considered at high risk of establishing a peanut allergy were arbitrarily designated either to be frequently fed food that consisted of peanuts or to be denied such food. These feeding patterns continued till the kids were 5 years old. Those that consumed the foods that had peanuts in them were far less likely to be adverse peanuts when they transformed 5.

After listening to the information, I connected to the folks at the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy Study at Stanford to get their take on the findings. Sharon Chinthrajah, MD, a professional assistant teacher of medicine, clarified that this work is the initial randomized controlled research study to check out ways to prevent peanut allergic reactions. She informed me:

We’ve all been awaiting the results of this spots research study to validate the shift in the standard of when to present foods right into the diet plan. Early introduction of peanut in the best babies can avoid peanut allergic reaction. Dr. [Gideon Lack, the leader of the study] and associates were able to reveal an 80 percent reduction in peanut allergic reaction in kids that started consuming peanut early as well as integrated it right into their routine diet.

Chinthrajah thinks the standards on children as well as peanut items ought to be revised, ‘since peanut allergic reactions affect 2 percent of our populace in the UNITED STATE and a lot of individuals do not outgrow this allergic reaction.’ Yet, as various other professionals have done, she cautions that not everyone ought to introduce peanuts as well as various other foods into their diet plan early. ‘Those who are ‘high-risk’ – who have various other sensitive conditions such as dermatitis or various other food allergic reactions – ought to consult with their allergist to see if it would certainly be risk-free to present peanut right into their kid’s diet,’ she advised.

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