My Journey
to Maintain a Normal Weight

My trip to achieve as well as maintain a healthy and balanced weight isn’t distinct, I’m afraid! I was never a slim person. I battled the battle as long as I could keep in mind. For a long period of time, it was much more like an altercation than a battle. I was most likely about fifteen pounds obese a lot of my life. I was jealous of my slim buddies, but I knew I still looked okay.  

The next action in my journey was going off to university. The trouble obtained a little much more significant in university, although I majored in athletics and also invested many of my time being energetic. It became an every night routine to dining at Wendy’s with my buddies (“Single, french fries, and also a frosty, please”) and afterwards to hit the Dunkin Donuts that discussed a car park prior to going back to the dorm. Freshman 15…here I come!

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Gail, Sheila, & Marian on the island of Inishmore

After graduation, my journey took me from Daytona Beach to Virginia Coastline to educate, and also once again my regular weight maintained at about fifteen extra pounds excessive. I looked fine though and had not been humiliated to spend significantly of my time in a bathing fit. It actually had not been until I wed my hubby that I shed the battle of the lump. He seemed to think I was stunning regardless of my size and also we consumed a lot of our dishes in dining establishments. Within a few years, I acquired eighty extra pounds !!!

Like lots of overweight individuals, I’ve attempted every diet plan around. I lost weight on the majority of them yet at some point put the weight back on. I went on practical diet plans (Weight Watchers) and on ludicrous diet regimens (The Hot Canine Diet). Fortunately, I seemed to have just what my mommy described as a “cast-iron tummy” and never suffered any outside ill effects. 

I need to claim that my favored diet, as well as I understand this is heresy, was Fen-Phen. I lost 65 pounds just before they pulled the good (a.k.a. BAD) Fen off the shelves. Exactly what I suched as so much regarding this medication was that it enabled me to consume like a typical individual for the first time. I had actually always been a volume eater. The charm of Fen-Phen was that I really did not want significantly of anything. A few attacks pleased me. I really did not have to fret about counting calories, fat grams, etc. I just needed to make certain that I was eating meals with nutritional perks given that I really did not desire significantly to consume. It was virtually like stomach bypass surgery in tablet kind.  

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Amy, Katie, and Gail taking pleasure in attractive Sedona

As was my pattern, the weight came back on as well as ultimately I joined Weight Watchers for the 2nd time. This was a substantial milestone in my journey! I went to my heaviest weight and sensation desperate. I was additionally well into my forties and also starting to really feel concerned regarding the long-lasting impacts on my wellness.  

I had started exercising fairly regularly in my late thirties, thanks to my pal, Marian, however while I was strong and also toned, I was still body fat. I delved into Weight Watchers with both feet, going to weekly conferences and carefully maintaining my food journal and following the program. Within fourteen months, I shed 85 extra pounds! That was an incredible as well as powerful encounter! When you feel that good about yourself, you cannot envision ever before reversing again.  

Sometime late in that 2nd year, I obtained 10 extra pounds while vacationing in Puerto Rico. For the initial time because starting Weight Watchers, I really did not get home from getaway as well as jump right back right into complying with the program. I played with those 10 pounds for the following year, losing 4 and obtaining 3, losing five as well as gaining 4. I had not been truly worried, as I still looked good and also healthy. I really felt specific that I ‘d ultimately obtain major as well as reach my goal. A gain of one more ten extra pounds came in the 4th year, and also an extra ten each year afterwards, up until I found myself with fifty percent of the 85 pounds back! 

I proceeded attending and also paying for regular Weight Watchers conferences for 6 years, until 2008. Eileen, my favored leader, that was full of excitement as well as knowledge as well as hope and assistance, left the company. My pal, Elaine, as well as my various other Weight Watchers buddies eventually quit or went to ‘At-Work’ process. I have absolutely nothing bad to state about the process. I believe it works fantastic if you next it, and with the exemption of way too many processed foods, I think it’s one of the healthiest ways to lose weight.

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Gail and Marian taking on the untamed Irish coast

When I made a journey to Jamaica in November 2006, with my excellent friends, Lisa and Steve, I was in just what I called a “dilemma mode.” I had actually put sufficient weight back on so that I really felt “fat” once more. Lisa as well as I talked persistently about our weight issues, as we have the tendency to do when we gathering, and she had recently undergone stomach bypass surgery to aid her reduce weight. At our resort, we were normally surrounded by all the meals and liquor one could really want. The even more I saw her consume (post-surgery), this suggestion of 5-4-3-2-1 formed. I required something “brand-new” to obtain me excited again concerning consuming right, and also I needed something that was visiting allow me to be healthy and balanced. Click the button listed below to get more information concerning the 5-4-3-2-1 diet plan.

Most of all, I required something that I might make use of when I headed out to consume, something that permitted me to taste every little thing however not overindulge. The 5-4-3-2-1 strategy works rapidly and also it’s a caretaker, in my opinion. You can review my individual encounter with this diet here. 

Update: January 2010

This month, my quest takes me to Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet!  I saw some incredibly excellent outcomes while watching The Today Show recently. Whenever I begin dieting, it’s helpful and also motivating for me if it’s something new. I will be keeping a diet log to paper this new leg of my journey.  

Update: May 2011

This month, my trip takes me to The Pilot’s Diet! This diet is a ‘throw back’ to the diet regimens of the 1970s and 80s. It’s not fun yet the outcomes sure go over!  

Update: May 2012

My brand-new preferred diet plan this year is The Dukan Diet! This high-protein, low-carb, low-sugar diet plan is easy to stay with as well as it works!  

As constantly, my trip continues … desire me luck! 


‘Joy is various from satisfaction. Joy and happiness has something to do with struggling, withstanding, as well as achieving.’ (G. Sheehan)

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