The Montignac diet is a weight-loss diet regimen that was prominent in the 1990s, primarily in Europe. It was developeded by Frenchman Michel Montignac (1944-2010), an international exec for the pharmaceutical market, who, like his daddy, was overweight in his young people. His technique is focuseded on people wanting to reduce weight efficiently as well as lastingly, decrease threats of cardiac arrest, and protect against diabetes.


Carbohydrate-rich meals are identified baseding on their glycemic index (GI), a ranking system for carbs based upon their impact on blood glucose degrees after meals. High-GI carbs are considered ‘bad’ (with the exception of those foods like carrots that, even though they have high GIs, have a quite low carb material as well as ought to not significantly influence blood sugar levels, additionally called reduced glycemic load or reduced GL). The glycemic index was created by Jenkins et al. at the College of Toronto as a method of easily categorizing foods according to the method they impacted blood sugar as well as was established for diabetics suffering from diabetic issues mellitus. Montignac was the very first to recommend making use of the glycemic index as a slimming diet regimen rather compared to a method of taking care of blood glucose degrees, and also recommendations to stay clear of sharp boosts in sugar blood sugar level degrees (rather than gradual boosts) as a strategy for any person to lose weight instead than an approach for diabetics to stabilize blood sugar level levels.

Montignac’s diet was adhered to by the South Coastline Diet that likewise made use of the GI principle, as well as Michael Mosley’s Intermittent Fasting 5:2 diet regimen integrates a recommendation to select foods with a low glycemic index or glycemic load.

‘Bad carbohydrates’, such as those in desserts, potatoes, rice and also white bread, could not be taken in addition to fats, specifically throughout Stage 1 of the Approach. Baseding on Montignac’s theory, these combinations will certainly result in the fats in the meals being saved as body fat. (Some type of noodles, such as ‘al dente’ durum wheat pastas, some varieties of rice, such as long-grain Basmati, whole grains and also meals rich in fiber, have a lower GI.)

Another facet of the diet plan concerns the choice of fats: the value of fatty foods relies on the nature of their fatty acids: polyunsaturated omega 3 acids (fish fat) as well as monounsaturated fatty acids (olive oil) are the very best selection, while saturated fatty acids (butter and animal fat) must be limited. Fried meals as well as butter utilized in cooking must be avoided.

The Montignac Method is split into two phases.

Phase I: the weight-losing phase. This phase consists mainly of consuming the appropriate carbohydrates, particularly those with glycemic index rated at 35 or lower (pure glucose is 100 necessarily). A greater healthy protein consumption, such as 1.3-1.5 grams per kg of body weight, specifically from fish and vegetables, could aid weight reduction, yet people with kidney illness ought to ask their doctor.

Phase II: stabilization and also avoidance phase. Montignac states on his internet site that we ‘could also boost our capability to pick by using a brand-new principle, the glycemic outcome (synthesis between glycemic index and also pure carbohydrate material) and also the blood glucose levels which arise from the meals. Under these conditions, we can eat whatever carbohydrate we really want, also those with high glycemic indexes’.

In his e-books, Montignac also provides an excellent variety of loading French as well as Mediterranean design dishes. The satisfaction of food and the sensation of volume are key principles in the Technique as they are thought to assist dieters stick to the guidelines in the long-term as well as not take place a binge. Montignac also advises that dieters need to never ever miss a meal, and have between-meal treats if that helps to consume much less at meals.

Scientific studies

Montignac’s theory is contested by nutrition specialists who declare that any kind of calorie consumption that surpasses the amount that the physical body needs will be transformed into physical body fat. It has been asserted that Montignac confuses the direction of causality in between excessive weight as well as hyperinsulinemia as well as that the weight loss is merely due to the hypocaloric personality of the diet.

The scientific literary works shoots down the theories of Montignac pertaining to the metabolic results of carbohydrates and fatty acids. Critics additionally explain that the Glycemic Index is challenging to make use of, as it depends upon the exact range of the meals, just how it was prepared, combos with various other meals in the exact same meal, and more. Despite these scientific doubts, there are various other significant clinical studies which recommend this technique. A review concluded that reduced glycemic index diets do not accomplish greater weight loss compared to low-fat diet plans, the former may lead to higher decreases in cardio threat factors.

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Montignac marketed 15 million e-books concerning his diet regimen, and also his approach has been made renowned by the personalities that embraced it, including Gérard Depardieu and also others.

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