Hydroxycut is a brand of dietary supplements that is marketed as a fat burning aid. Hydroxycut was originally evolved and also produced by MuscleTech Research study and also Growth, MuscleTech was marketed to Iovate Health and wellness Sciences in 2003-2004 and also proclaimed personal bankruptcy in 2006, Iovate remains to use MuscleTech as a brand name to market Hydroxycut.

As of 2013, primary active ingredients in the line of product consist of lady’s mantle essence (Alchemilla vulgaris), wild olive essence (Olea europaea), cumin essence (Cuminum cyminum), wild mint extract (Mentha longifolia), and, in some items, eco-friendly coffee bean extract (Coffea canephora robusta).

Before the 2004 reformulation, formulas had ephedra, a supplement prohibited by the FDA in 2004. Before the 2009 reformulation, solutions contained numerous materials with potential to damage the liver. After a collection of reports in the medical literature of significant liver troubles, including one fatality, the FDA advised consumers to quit utilizing Hydroxycut, and Iovate agreed to recall the products.

The damage dued to Hydroxycut products has caused ask for more stringent policy of the dietary supplement market and to calls within the industry for even more extensive security testing.

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Marketing and sales

Hydroxycut is sold at traditional sellers, online sellers, as well as via direct tv advertising and marketing. Like several dietary supplements, published research studies demonstrating scientific proof of its efficiency as well as security is lacking.

In March 2013, Sean Lowe ended up being the brand emissary for Hydroxycut Hardcore. In the exact same month, IndyCar racer Tony Kanaan revealed he will certainly aviator the No. 11 Hydroxycut IndyCar at the Indianapolis 500 in addition to 8 other occasions at the 2013 IndyCar Champion. Hydroxycut has been advertised as being created and also backed by medical professionals. Television advertisements for Hydroxycut showcased a medical local, although press reporters were not able to find him after Hydroxycut was gotten rid of from the market in 2009.

Corporate background

MuscleTech Research and also Advancement Inc was a Canadian firm based in Toronto that operated with a group of closely relevant firms, as well as created the Hydroxycut product. Countless suits were filed over ephedra in the very early 2000s, the very first legal actions versus MuscleTech began in 2000 as well as by 2004 there were about 80 pending. In 2003 as well as 2004, a lot of the possessions of the MuscleTech group of firms were offered off to other companies, including Iovate Wellness Sciences, the same person controlled MuscleTech and Iovate. MuscleTech filed for insolvency in Canada on January 18, 2006 as well as the cases of litigants against MuscleTech were fixed by 2007. Considering that after that, MuscleTech has come to be a brand of Iovate, under which Hydroxycut products are sold.

Iovate Wellness Sciences runs as a subsidiary of Kerr Assets Holding Corp.

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Pre-2004 formulations

Prior to 2004, some formulations of Hydroxycut contained ephedra. There were records of seizures in individuals that had taken in Hydroxycut, which were credited to the ephedra as well as high levels of caffeine in the item. Therefore, there were around 80 pending ephedra lawsuits versus MuscleTech.

In 2003, Missouri Lawyer General Jay Nixon filed a legal action in St. Louis versus Hydroxycut’s supplier, MuscleTech, mentioning that its advertising and marketing asserts that Hydroxycut was ‘clinically shown’ to be a ‘fat-burner’ were untrue. Nixon additionally alleged that ‘MuscleTech’s possess consultants had major worries concerning the safety and security of Hydroxycut, yet the business continued to market the product.’ MuscleTech paid $100,000 to resolve the instance and also concurred to cease advertising ephedra-containing products in Missouri and also to refund customers’ money.

The New York Times reported in 2003 that interior files from MuscleTech showed that the business had buried studies revealing that Hydroxycut was ineffective, covered up evidence of cardiac negative effects, as well as tampered with the papers it sent as evidence in a legal action in Oklahoma.

In 2004, the FDA prohibited ephedra after 155 fatalities from cardiac arrest and stroke were associateded with ephedra, consisting of the fatality of Baltimore Orioles pitcher Steve Bechler. It was the initial outlawing of a nutritional supplement by the FDA

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Pre-2009 formulations

By 2009, about 15 % of Americans had actually attempted taking dietary supplements for fat burning, and Hydroxycut was the greatest vendor, with concerning a million units marketed each year.

However, Hydroxycut solutions had numerous substances with prospective to harm the liver such as hydroxycitric acid.

Scientific proof of significant side effects from Hydroxycut items built up, consisting of liver failure (calling for liver hair transplant in many cases), rhabdomyolysis, and also at least one death, of a 19-year-old man that used the product.

On May 1, 2009, the U.S. Fda (FDA) released an alerting to customers to quit using Hydroxycut products, because of 23 reports of severe illness connected with making use of Hydroxycut, and at least one death, and also to ruin any item that they could possess. The precaution explained ‘Although the liver harm seems relatively unusual, FDA believes consumers must not be subjected to needless threat. Consumers which have these products are prompted to stop using them.’ Following the FDA warning, the supplier then agreed to recollect the products.

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Post-2009 formulations

After the 2009 recall, Hydroxycut was reformulated as well as put back on sale, as well as the FDA verified that the only active ingredient left from previous solutions was caffeine.

As of 2013, its key components include high levels of caffeine anhydrous, Lady’s mantle extract (Alchemilla vulgaris), Wild olive extract (Olea europaea), Cumin extract (Cuminum cyminum), Wild mint extract (Mentha longifolia) and, in some Hydroxycut products, Green coffee bean essence (Coffea canephora robusta).

Following the reformulation, instance records in the medical literature have actually continuouslied connect Hydroxycut to significant negative effects. A post released in 2010 reported on a situation of atrial fibrillation that the writer presumed was due to epigallocatechin gallate in Hydroxycut Green Tea, a product that since 2012 is no more marketed. One more situation published in 2013 reported on a person that evolved ulcerative colitis as a result of Hydroxycut Hardcore.


The Hydroxycut situation has actually been pointed out as emblematic of the weak regulation of nutritional supplements in the united state Guardians of the dietary supplements market said that the recall demonstrated that the FDA has the power to shield customers from dangerous items, while critics cited it as proof that the FDA’s powers over dietary supplements should be expanded.

While some diet plan supplement executives protected the safety and security of Hydroxycut and thought the media ‘over-hyped’ the FDA withdrawal, others wondered about why Iovate had not published lasting security or efficacy research studies on the final Hydroxycut items. This is in spite of having the cash to do such studies and their self-definition as a ‘research-oriented’ business. The editors of the nourishment field journal Nutrition Business Journal noted that this recall ‘will eventually be a good idea for the nutritional supplement market if it motivates weight-loss supplement producers to care as significantly about their products’ security and also effectiveness as they do regarding broadening as well as securing their base lines.’

In a paper published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology in October 2010, Hydroxycut was mentioned as an instance of ‘existing and also former fat burning items supported by possibly conflicted or low high quality study.’ It kept in mind that ‘Marketing materials for Hydroxycut cited 2 released research studies insisting product performance that were small, of brief duration, reported no severe adverse effects, as well as did not divulge relationships in between authors and the item supplier or that financing was obtained from the product producer.’

The paper kept in mind that at least three research studies sustained the safety and also performance for weight-loss of Cissus quadrangularis (CQ), which is a component made use of in among the reformulated Hydroxycut products, but ‘lack financial disclosures or funding resources, beyond stating that the CQ being examined was given by’ General Health Alliances, a herbal items supplier. The studies did not reveal that people of its writers was a chief scientific policeman for GHA that holds a patent on a CQ product.

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