The Hippocrates soup is an extremely easy, however likewise very healing veggie mix that is able to cure numerous diseases. This soup has actually been used around the world as natural medicine that protects against and also deals with countless ailments, with an unique accent on cancer.

The largest benefit this soup provides is boosting the immunity and also detoxing the kidneys.

The soup days from 2,500 years back as well as was apparently invented by Hippocrates, an old Greek physician and the ‘Papa of medication.’

At the beginning of the previous century, the German medical professional, Max Gerson introduces the soup in a special consuming program offered the globe in 1932. Because after that, this method is called the Gerson therapy.

The news of this soup promptly took control of the world in popularity.

The Trick Web link in The Gerson Treatment

The Gerson healing method is started on the distinctive nutrition as well as regular body detox.

Dr. Max Gerson began creating this concept in order to originally cure migraines and also serious frustrations. By mishap, he took care of to exactly what this soup really contains and how beneficial it is for the basic health. With this discovery, he started dealing with skin tuberculosis as well.

Hereon, various other kinds of consumption were healed by exercising this approach, including allergic reactions, kidney disease, arthritis, atherosclerosis, several sclerosis, autoimmune conditions and ultimately, cancer.

The Hippocrates soup is just one of the necessary web links to the performance of the Gerson therapy

Aside from consuming this soup, the treatment additionally includes the intake of carrot, apple and also orange juice, as well as all various other ‘green’ juices such as cabbage juice and also others.

Despite the nourishment element there is additionally a day-to-day organism clean consisted of at the same time, done with coffee enema.

According to Dr. Max Gerson and various other health experts, such a nourishment regimen strengthens the body immune system as well as helps the body heal completely.

The Hippocrates Soup- components, intake and preparation

The soup is advised for intake daily. If it is made use of for medical objectives, you should consume it twice a day. You could prepare larger quantities of the soup beforehand, for two days in overall. Right here are the policies you require to comply with:

Prepare this soup on reduced heat, with the least quantity of water feasible. Keep a lid on the pot, so you stay clear of dissipation of significant nutrients. Do not utilize light weight aluminum pots- the best alternative is silver.

Use as couple of flavors as feasible, to keep the initial taste. The suggested flavors you can use in minimal amounts are: pimento, laurel leaves, coriander, cumin, oregano, rosemary, sage, estragon, dill, fennel and also thyme. Garlic, onion, chive as well as parsley are admitted bigger amounts.

weight loss before and after

The Hippocrates Soup recipe:


  •  1 medium-sized celery root
  •  1 medium-sized parsley bush
  •  2 medium-sized onions
  •  2 small or 1 large leeks
  •  Garlic (to taste)
  •  600g tomatoes
  •  400g potatoes


Wash the veggies, and also cut or grind it in tiny items. Put vegetables in a large pot and also add water, simply to cover the veggies. Warm the pot to a boil and after that keep cooking on low warm for one and a fifty percent to two hrs. At the actual end, add the garlic as well as permitted spices in tiny quantities. Puree the soup.

Eat one recipe per day, and also refrigerate the rest.

The healing properties:

  • Cleanses and detoxifies the organism: the toxic substances gathered inside the body could create many of illness, such as anxiety, frustrations, constipation, exhaustion and also bloating.

Plus, when they spread they could create much more severe concerns, like diabetic issues, arthritis, rheumatism, cardio illness, pneumonia, cancer as well as others.

The veggies in this soup prevent the body from gathering contaminants. The tomato includes lycopene, a herbal pigment that provides antioxidant qualities and protects the liver and also avoids totally free radicals from forming.

This additionally raises the metabolism efficiency. The sulfur found in garlic and also leeks likewise urges detoxification, and also the very same is real for parsley.

  • Strengthens the immunity: the immune system is the protector of the human health and wellness. In order for it to function exceptionally, it has to prey on minerals, vitamins, enzymes as well as various other nutrients.

The garlic is just one of the components found in the Hippocrates soup that contains vitamin C as well as various other nutrients that maintain the resistance risk-free from harm.

Also located in this soup is selenium, which encourages the work of the weak cells and gives oxidation.

Garlic is loaded with antioxidants that can deal with various immunity-related problems, including sore throat, swollen tonsils, herpes, hypertension, rheumatism, heart and also liver conditions, as well as also leukemia as well as tumor.

Potatoes provide numerous health benefits too as well as the same opts for tomatoes.

Prevents cancer:

The provided vegetables can heal cancer cells efficiently and also prevent the dispersing of cancerous cells by carrying out a healthy and balanced and appropriate nutrition.

This is specifically true for onions, tomatoes and parsley, which are one on one of the most efficient warriors in the battle versus cancer.