How to whiten your teeth without causingany damage- Dish for teeth whitening

This dish for teeth bleaching assists with basically any type of kind of gum condition, consequently, it instantly lightens the teeth, liquifies rocks as well as deals with small sores in the mouth.

It assists with parodontopathy, gingivitis, black plaque at the base of the teeth, any state of a disease in the mouth and poor breath.

The recipe for teeth whitening

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-1/ 2 tbsps of baking soda

-10-20 declines of hydrogen peroxide (pharmacy) or 3% hydrogen

-4-5 drops of lemon juice

You need to prepare straightforward tooth paste: in a fifty percent bag of cooking soft drink, add 10-20 decreases of hydrogen peroxide (pharmacy) or 3% hydrogen and also a couple of decreases of lemon. Your paste for teeth bleaching is ready!

How to apply it:

Rub the teeth well with an item of cotton woollen taken in the paste, throughout, in the morning and also at night. The lemon counteracts the sodium bicarbonate and offers quality. The sodium bicarbonate cleanses the teeth from collision, and the hydrogen peroxide sanitizes and also whitens the teeth.

After this kind of cleaning you will certainly seem like a queen: the teeth will be so pure that they will certainly sparkle like pearls, as well as the small lemon scent will better boost the mood.

The procedure is enabled to be technique once a week.

For the prevention as well as individual hygiene, you can wash your mouth with a remedy of hydrogen peroxide (3% hydrogen): 3 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide dissolved in 50 ml of warm water.

This is a superb and efficient treatment in all illness problems in the mouth. It is not nice, yet it is extremely useful.

In that situation, the result of whitening the teeth continues to be fixed, and the teeth stay white for an extended period of time also if they are unclean with a cotton wool. If you desire to have these impacts – you ought to do this regularly.