Curves International, also known as Curves for Women, Curves Fitness, or just Curves, is a global fitness franchise co-founded by Gary and also Diane Heavin in 1995. Contours was claimed to have 10,000 areas around the world and also an approximated 4 million plus members in October 2006. In May 2012, the company’s web site detailed 3,175 locations in the United States). The business is privately held by its co-founders, with corporate workplaces found in Waco, Texas. Contours physical fitness and also weight reduction establishments are made specifically for as well as focused on women, although in some states, males are enabled to join.

The clubs take on other women’s-only chain wellness clubs, consisting of, Health club Woman and also Lucille Roberts.

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Curves wased established by Gary Heavin as well as his wife, Diane. They opened their initial Contours in Harlingen, Texas, in 1992. This new idea of 30-minute physical fitness, toughness training, weight-loss guidance, and an environment made for women was right away effective. They began to create plans for franchising the concept, with the first opening in 1999. Curves declares it is the world’s largest physical fitness franchise and also was lately identified as one of the 10 largest franchise business firms worldwide. According to Curves International Inc’s truth sheet, Curves achieved 6,000 franchise business in 7 years. Curves centers lie in over 85 nations, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, as well as Japan. Curves is called FitCurves in Ukraine, Slovakia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Kazakhstan, Poland, the Czech Republic and also Russia.

Curves physical fitness and also weight loss locations are created particularly for and concentrated on ladies. The program is developed around circuit training, which uses hydraulic resistance tools to accomplish results. The strength training program is integrated with cardio training for a complete body workout.

Research at Baylor University

In 2002, the Exercise as well as Sports Nourishment Lab at Baylor College started looking into the effectiveness of the Contours fitness as well as weight management routine. Contours awarded the ESNL a $5 million, five-year grant to start the Curves Women’s Health Initiative.

In 2008 this grant funding relocated with Dr. Richard Kreider to the Texas A&M University.

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Gary Heavin’s charitable contributions

In 2004, Curves International and also its franchisees got some combined and unwanted publicity stemming from posts concerning the philanthropic contributions of founder Gary Heavin.

Heavin was greatly praised by pro-life supporters for drawing all contributions to the Susan G. Komen for the Remedy charity due to that Komen donated cash to Planned Parenthood in grants as part of Komen’s efforts to assist this community organization.

In an interview with Today’s Christian, Heavin was priced estimate as saying that he donates money to ‘pro-life maternity treatment centers.’

The San Francisco Chronicle published an article by Ruth Rosen, accusing Heavin of sustaining militant anti-abortion teams. Nevertheless, in an open email to the Chronicle, Heavin challenged Rosen’s characterization of his contributions. The Chronicle later on published a correction that included a breakdown of the contributions at question. The contributions were provided 3 teams, Family medicine Facility of McLennan County ($3.75 million), McLennan Region Collaborative Abstinence Project ($275,000) and Treatment Net ($1 million.)

Numerous blog sites got the Rosen’s version of the story, and numerous various other articles on the subject consequently appeared in other mainstream media. The promotion impacted company at some specific franchises, specifically in the united state West Coast region (particularly California) as well as a couple of in the Atlantic Northeast and also Pacific Northwest, inducing an uproar from franchisees of Contours International.

Despite this tried re-characterization of the contributions, business was impacted, with memberships down and also some franchisees severing their ties with Curves.

Buyout-related lawsuit

Another conflict entered into play in 2005 when six plaintiffs brought a suit against Curves, Gary Heavin, as well as Roger Schmidt (the company’s lawyer) for $20 million. The complainants asserted that Heavin cheated them out of their share of revenues by he as well as Roger Schmidt pushing them to authorize a buyout agreement allocating them a portion of exactly what they may have earned.

Most of the complainants were employed as independent sales reps after Contours had currently opened hundreds of locations. The legal action fell short to mention that the sales representatives were paid greater than $26 million for their work.

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In popular culture

Curves has been parodied in The Simpsons, in the episode entitled Other halves and Blades, where Marge opens up an effective franchise business of a fitness center called Shapes, and also in an episode of South Park entitled D-Yikes!. In The New Adventures of Old Christine, Christine has a health club extremely just like Curves – a franchised 30-minute fitness center for women where a documented voice tells them to ‘change stations’ every 30 seconds.

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