The cabbage soup diet is an extreme weight reduction diet regimen designed around heavy usage of a low-calorie cabbage soup over the moment of seven days. It is generally taken into consideration a crash diet, in that it is made for temporary weight-loss as well as requires no long-lasting commitment.

The normal declared intent of the diet regimen is to lose 10 extra pounds (4.5 kg) of weight in a week, though nutritional experts explain that it is almost impossible to shed that significantly fat within a week: considerably of the weight shed is water.


The sources of the diet plan are unknown, and it initially gained popularity as an item of faxlore in the 1980s. The cabbage soup diet regimen has lots of business, typically linking the diet regimen to a mainstream establishment, consisting of the ‘Sacred Heart Diet plan’, ‘Military Cabbage Soup’, ‘TJ Miracle Soup Diet regimen’, and ‘Russian Peasant Diet plan’. All the establishments called have actually denied a relate to the diet. As a general regulation, many otherwise all kinds of the diet plan stress that the dieter could eat as much cabbage soup as he/she wants.


Many individuals and physician are vital of the diet. The majority of the weight shed is water and not fat, as well as for that reason not irreversible. The quantity of calories every day while on the diet regimen is much lesser compared to exactly what is considered safe. Furthermore, the dish for the soup as frequently offered has an extremely high sodium material, typically to make it palatable, as well as the diet regimen offers almost no protein for numerous days at a time. Several people report really feeling weak and also light-headed throughout the training course of the diet.

On a practical degree, one of the most usual forms of the soup recipe have been slammed as being boring, though hot variants have shown up. Even so, the blandness of the soup means that few handle the whole seven days, as well as typically report sensation sick whenever they scent the soup towards the end of the week-long diet plan. It has actually also been noted that windiness is a common negative effects of the diet.

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